Week 1 Mind*Body*Fit-Balance and Strength: Awareness and goals

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.~Buddha

Week one of six.

Day one workout https://grokker.com/fitness/video/hiit-1-strength-and-balance/56b3bc0630878aae2e9538fc
Keep it simple. Week one, lifestyle and habits. This is a very general guide just to get you thinking. DO IT. How can I get the results I want and make them last? Self esteem is huge so put some time into yourself.
• Define your goal. The second part of this is to incorporate ten minutes of meditation at least in to your day. I suggest in the morning first thing. There are a ton of meditation videos on Grokker.com or you can easily download an app that will guide you and time you.
• Make a list of things you’ve been putting off. Dentist, doc, unresolved issues etc. Right action increase self esteem. Self esteem increase chance of healthy living success.
• Commit
• Identify triggers that tempt you to stray or give yourself permission to stray. Awareness is step one in making better choices.
• Buddy system. Find someone to hold you accountable and check in with. I can be your buddy:) strength in numbers, get some friends on board
• Commit, did I say that?
• Measure your success by how you feel and fit in your clothes. Depending on your goal measure yourself instead of weighing, better yet don’t do either and gage your progress by how you feel.
• This is not a diet. It’s changing your lives.
• Be realistic with your goals
• Get enough sleep.
• Eliminate processed foods.
• Increase vegetables and lean proteins
• Choose activities that will encourage a healthy lifestyle not tempt you to stray.
• Make a list of things not serving you and causing undue stress.


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