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I heard a few people talking in the store the other day about Valentine’s Day. They said they were just going to treat themselves, love themselves and drink as much wine and eat as much chocolate as they wanted. I just wonder why often times we( I’m including myself) celebrate ourselves with indulging in this way. I mean I’ve got to be honest, when I’m over eating, or drinking, or saying “ugh I’m just not going to do my laundry etc.” it’s usually because I feel like shit about something. I say as I’ve eaten three packs of bevita biscuits while writing that I found in my bag from a plane. Who the hell eats those anyway ha!! Apparently me. I just shoved them in mindlessly because I’m feeling anxious about other things. And it’s not actually doing me any good anyway. I’m just going to feel pissed off and pressured at some point. But I have created a balance and I know my limits and I’m also willing to suffer the consequence of feeling like a zombie later from eating crap. It’s not going to derail me and this is from A LOT of practice doing GOOD things for myself and being mindful. Once you have the awareness it’s hard to let yourself fall too far down the hole. I’m offering you an alternative to love yourself for Valentine’s Day. (Whatever Valentine’s Day means anyway, it was an excuse to write this) I come from a black heart of “I hate feelings.” No longer the case. Even when they suck I learn. If we can try to commit to becoming aware of the feeling and embrace it I promise you, you will get SOMETHING out of it. Good or bad, you learn. And feelings aren’t permanent. Isn’t that awesome to know when they are horrible! And humbling to know when you’re on cloud 9? Feed your body, mind, and spirit well and it will take care of you when you feel out of balance. It’s a muscle to be healthy, use it often and it has memory in times of need. Take care of your inner world as well. When we acknowledge that changes, challenges, and hardships are there to deepen us, to remind us that we do get second chances, and that we are each made up of love, compassion, and healing, something remarkable happens. And you drink wine and each chocolate for far different reasons than loathing or any other negative attachment .

1.DO give piece of your heart, allow yourself to be vulnerable. You get hurt, guess what you never get it back but other experiences will refill it. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable evokes creativity, emotion, and promotes growth.

2.Pay it forward. By helping others, we actually help ourselves, too. Lending a hand not only boosts mental health, but may also lead to a longer life . Volunteering also positively affects self-confidence, self-esteem, and general wellbeing.

3. Take a nap. Don’t feel guilty. Unless you nap as a crutch. Get your ass up and go for a 30 minute walk and focus on your breathing. Both recharge you.

4. Make a date with yourself. #CornyAF!! Whatever, be alone and enjoy it. I do a two hour guided mediation(especially if I’m fighting it) once a month and a Korean Body Scrub after at some weird place and I love it. You don’t have time. Please. I’m busy as shit. But it’s important to my well being so I prioritize it.

5.Become a bookworm.
Research suggests that reading on a regular basis keeps the mind sharp as it ages, and reading fiction in particular makes for more creativity and a more open mind. Cracking open a book may also improve sleep and make us more empathetic.

6. Invest in cooking classes, dancing classes, a new workout, therapy, a workshop, whatever. You are your best investment. If you’re not happy you’re no good to anyone else.

7. Practice mindful eating. Instead of counting calories and agonizing over whether or not you consumed too many carbs. Just eat right and if you have a feeling don’t eat and if you do, move on. You’re never going to be perfect at this and kudos if you are.

8. Get enough sleep!! Figure it out. Everything is “figuroutable”

9. Meditate. Do I really have to go into why this is sooooo good for you?

10. Get a massage, get outta town, get it on. Whatever it is. Something that feels good and you can let go for a minute.

11. Oh, last but not least, make your frickin bed. Easy. Sets a tone for the day.


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