Sarah Kusch Personal TrainerSarah is a down to earth, knowledgeable fitness and health professional. Even though she looks great now, she went through a healthy pregnancy and motherhood like a ‘normal’ person, gaining a lot of weight. She is an inspiration that you can achieve the toned fit look even after pregnancy. She teaches the holistic approach. As she trains you, she teaches you about the right foods, exercise, sleep habits, mindset that will help you achieve a better holistic you – not just a more fit you. She has the sensitivity and humor to deal with any situation so no need to feel shy. You will have fun training with her and end up better overall!
–Tina Wang, Senior Engineer Boeing

“Sarah kicks our ass while giving us the gift of her humor, earnestness and integrity. No one thinks through each class more, no one makes time go faster and no one gets us exercising smarter than Sarah.”
–Lindsay Gardner

Because of you I am a better man and father. Thank you for enhancing my life Sarah. I look and feel great!”
–Jesse Campbell

“Sarah’s endless energy and enthusiasm mixed with being SO real, made the perfect match for my fitness needs. I’ve been a loyal Sarah follower for over two years now and have lost over 15 pounds – but more than that I feel amazing every time I leave her class. She brings joy and light to everyone of her classes and for that I am truly thankful.”
–Elizabeth Adamo, Account Manager, People StyleWatch magazine

Sarah is by far the best trainer I’ve worked with! She leads you through dynamic workouts that are intensely challenging and fun at the same time. She stresses good form and alignment so I always feel safe pushing myself hard. And Sarah always brings great energy to help you stay motivated! Most importantly, I have seen amazing results and my body has definitely gotten stronger since I’ve started working out with Sarah.”
–Jennifer A.

Sarah Kusch Personal Trainer Los Angeles“When I think of Sarah, words such as enthusiasm, inspiring, boundless energy and a stickler for technique come to mind. She also has a unique way of making workouts fun and enjoyable. I had hit a plateau in my workouts and she inspired me to take it to a new level.”
–John DiCioccio

“I have gone to group fitness classes for the past 13 years. Never have I experienced the dedication, attention, innovation and personalization that Sarah exhibits in EVERY class she teaches. The first time I took Sarah’s class I knew that the classes I was taking at another gym were nothing compared to what Sarah has to offer. And I have lost over 15 pounds.”
–Amber Stone

“After taking Sarah Kusch’s fitness class, I instantly feel an immediate shift of energy in a hour. I am not ashamed to admit that my backside is benefiting nicely, to sport a Tush trained by Kusch is very uplifting in more ways than one! Sarah’s fitness classes are popular in Los Angeles because her tough love attitude makes the intense cardio and strength exercises sequences very functional. As a fitness professional, I often tell my students I take Sarah’s classes regularly as a way to stay on top of my game. Sarah inspires me to move deeper to channel my inner athleticism, and is a great motivator to inspire others to enjoy the gift of having a healthy and fit body FOR LIFE.  arah Kusch truly lives by her motto “Inspire, Uplift, and Educate,” and makes a positive difference in changing people from the inside out.”
–Lori Allen, Fitness Instructor

Sarah Kusch will kick your ass, but in the best possible way. She has empowered me to develop both physically and in my overall wellness. She is the personification of what she teaches, never asking me to do anything that she hasn’t personal developed on her own body. Her dedication is palpable and when you take her class her passion is infectious. Do yourself a favor and go get yourself a ‘Kusch Tush’.”
–Nicholas “Mutha F*%$ing” Vorderbruggen, Comedian

Sarah Kusch Class Instructor EquinoxSarah Kusch is a dynamic force in the fitness industry. Her creativity and ingenuity guarantee an exhilarating and challenging workout. Sarah’s insistence on impeccable form will help maximize your workout and her intuitive style will keep your body in balance.”
–Sandra Fu, Executive Production

Simply put, she is the best! If you want ACTUAL results from a trainer who practices what she preaches, then Sarah Kusch is the trainer for you. Midwest work ethic with a West Coast ass. Never stops getting better.”
–Nicholas Anthony, NicholasAnthony.com

Sarah Kusch is tough, precise and powerful. She is one of the most dynamic instructors of her time. She is an inspiration and bright light in an industry saturated with ordinary approaches and repetitive work. Bring your willingness to work and she will deliver results. Brilliant!
–Morgan Smith

“As an instructor, Sarah has been one of the most motivating. She always pushes you to give it your all even when you feel like you’re about to give up. She is a great motivator and truly forces you to tap into all the strength you have to pull through. Ever since I started working with Sarah, my stamina has increased astronomically. I am able to carry out longer and tougher workouts. Mentally, she has trained me to believe that the mind is stronger than the body and you can really do anything you set your mind to.”
–Faisal Alothman

Sarah Kusch Equinox Instructor Beach“In 2013 I started doing yoga on a regular basis and saw good results – but then I plateaued. I remembered how much I loved taking Sarah’s classes at the West Hollywood location in years past, but hadn’t gone in over a year due to a recent move and interest in doing other things. I had remembered her classes not only being exciting, but a no-messing-around approach to fitness that kept me motivated. I started doing her classes again at beginning of 2014 and the plateau I had reached had finally started to shift. I dropped a dress size in 6 weeks but also regained motivation to eat better, use interval training and challenge myself. Her classes make fitness fun, entertaining and worth the hard work!
–Crystal Matthews, Senior Account Executive, Time Warner Cable Media Sales

“I’ve suffered from a back injury 17 years ago. Although yoga has helped, Sarah’s training is what I needed to strengthen my core to give me the results. Thank you so much, Sarah Kusch. You are a miracle worker!!!”
–Ryan Roach

Sarah is the “total package” in the fitness industry – a unique blend of body smarts and emotional inspiration. Every move has a purpose and proper technique is your friend. Sarah not only teaches you how to work out hard but how to work out right.
–Winny Ho

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    Sarah kicks our ass while giving us the gift of her humor, earnestness and integrity. No one thinks through each class more, no one makes time go faster and no one gets us exercising smarter than Sarah.”
    –Lindsay Gardner


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