Mindful Ways to Manage the Flu


Mindful Ways to Manage the Flu
It’s inevitable. The flu or a simple cold. And there’s no cure. Some are mild and some are wild. So often what people do is pump themselves with over the counter drugs. And I get it, oh man that stuff is fast and seductive, finally relief. I’m at the tail end right now and I stared at that night time cold pill I bought with heart eyes because it’s quick and easy. I do it every damn time. I waste money on it when I’m weak and NEVER take it. I look at the ingredients and wonder…why do adults or children for that matter need a dye in it for color? I don’t care what color it is, it’s not going to excite me that it’s colored. And children hate medicine anyway and are so pissed they have to take it they would probably never notice if it were clear or not. Soy in it and 17 other things I can’t pronounce. I think of my poor weeping liver and how hard it will have to work to process everything, when it’s super power energies could be used to be healing my body. I do have to say in my opinion from just the liver standpoint alone, sometimes over the counter medications can actually increase the duration of the sickness. I am going to offer you some alternatives for staying more comfortable and speeding recovery. Although short term it takes more dedication,money, and time to execute, long term you are winning. You miss less work and spend less on medication, doctors appointments, and possible negative side effects from all the chemicals in them that too little care about because it’s so far off. But it’s real, and it’s happening in an alarming amount of people with chronic illness and cancers.
We take them in the day to power through work or whatever it is, some of us crazies even take them to get a workout in, when we should be RESTING. “We know that heavy exertion causes a transient downturn in immune function that can last from a few hours to a day,” says Nieman, a professor of health and exercise science. “During heavy, prolonged physical exertion, he adds, stress hormone levels such as cortisol rise, causing immune cells to function less efficiently. During this downturn, if you have a virus, it will multiply at a higher rate and make you sick.”

Our bodies should be directing the energy it does have into fighting whatever has incepted us. Especially when you have a fever!! If your temp is up why would you raise it?! There’s a fine line though, once you are feeling better we know that moderate exercise BOOSTS the immune system. Get to know your body and when you’re well enough to ease back in.
I’m really bad at resting even though I know all of this. Last time I got sick and this time around I actually am doing it, resting and boy what a game changer LOL. I’m going to bullet a few things that hopefully persuade you to take care of your incredibly amazing body in a more mindful way.
I stayed comfortable and put other band aids on in a different way than OTC drugs. Always check with your doctor and use your own judgement. This is just one woman’s journey, works for me.

Cocktails and Shots!!! Yay!!-preventing,easing symptoms, and shortening duration
No you don’t get to drink whiskey like the old remedies back in the day. There are so many different kinds of concoctions for different symptoms but I call this my one stop shop. I make it but you can buy something similar at any juice shop. I make a bulk batch, save in a big jar and do a shot glass full three times a day at FIRST signs and during. It lasts three days. Toss after if you haven’t finished, but do! Shake the jar before you pour a new shot. Mix these all together.
1 cup raw apple cider vinegar-good for coughs, sore throat,congestion,probiotics(only if raw), allergies, lack of energy
1 cup lemon juice- blood purifier, detoxifies liver, kidneys, vitamin C, fights infection
2-3 large nobs crushed ginger(squeeze out juice)-kills bacteria, eases throat pain and inflammation,combats fever and chills, cleanses blood, eases pain, helps congestion.
3 crushed cloves of garlic(squeeze out juice)-fights infection,viruses, parasites,fungi, bacteria, and yeast. Increases circulation, strengthens white blood cells, and boosts immunity.
2 tsp horseradish – clears your nose,lower blood pressure, alleviate respiratory conditions,anti cancer affects by helping process carcinogens,relieves sinus discomfort,..this perennial plant deserves its own post…stay tuned
10 drops of oil of oregano(not oregano oil)- early cold and sore throat defense, antibacterial, antiviral,anti fungal, relieves sinus discomfort
1tsp cayenne-treats fever,poor circulation, digestive complaints like bloating and nausea, inflammation, sore throat,headaches, and is a great expectorant.
2 tsp turmeric- attacks bacterial infection and virus especially respiratory,relieves pain, anti-inflammatory, relieves water retention
1 tsp Himalayan salt – balances PH,improves hydration with trace minerals reducing muscle cramps,improves mineral status in the body,helps balance blood sugar,balances hormones,acts as an antihistamine

Headache, body aches, sleeplessness-
Water water water for headaches! Essential oils like lavender and peppermint can aid in relieving headaches, releasing sinus pressure, relaxing you and helping you sleep. You can diffuse it in the air or rub on your temples and under your nose. Warm(not hot) baths,DIY head massage and massage in general can help with headache, body aches and sleeping. I recommend Yoga Tuneup balls for self massage. Cucumbers on your eyes can help headaches too. I also soothe myself into slumber with chamomile tea, also great on a sore throats. Meditation works wonders for me, I YouTube guided mediation.And when it gets really difficult to sleep I will use melatonin. Out like a light.

So I’m taking a bath, cucumbers on my eyes, peppermint under my nose, and lavender on my temples. After I’m nice and relaxed from the bath, I make a tea, take half a melatonin dose and self massage on my yoga mat, listening to my mediation. I’m lucky if I make it to the bed.
I managed to completely get through the flu with no OTC drugs, and actually come out more rejuvenated than ever on the other side.


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