Sarah Kusch has been rapidly gaining a name as one of the top leaders in health and fitness in the Los Angeles area over the last 11 years. She is one of the most dynamic and motivational fitness instructors, most trusted celebrity trainers, inspirational wellness coaches, and well-known health program designers in the industry. She is dedicated to uplift, educate, and inspire through a holistic approach. She has a degree in Holistic Studies:Mind and Body connection with a minor in Acupressure and Ayurvedic Nutrition. She is a NASM certified trainer and has over 20 special certifications including but not limited to Schwinn Cycling, Kettlebell, Pre- and Post-Natal, Barre, Yoga Tune Up Ball Therapy, Specialist in Sports, and Eating Disorder Certificate. She has also worked closely with well known mentors and peers in the industry supporting or cultivating programs and products.

Sarah is known for her infectious energy, intelligent and creative design, light hearted humor and attention to detail in biomechanics. Precise and powerful, helping you attain balance and surpass plateus through a deep mindful awareness. She will teach you how to understand and move your body, to take care of yourself to create a healthy self-esteem, and challenge you to go beyond where you may have limited yourself before. Whether its an intense strengthening and calorie blasting workout or helping you understand recovery and restoration she loyal to your success . Through various types of strength and endurance training, nutrition, and a variety self care techniques you will not only change your lifestyle and body but understand on higher level.

In recent years she has been contiually expanding her network to reach as many people as possible. Sarah has been a highly sought after group fitness instructor at Equinox in Southern California for 8 years, teaching a variety of classes. She has been a part of several projects with mentors and peers supporting or designing fitness videos and programming. She is a Master Trainer at Grokker.com with a late January 2015 release of “Tight in 28” program. She has been involved in several charity events including Making Strides for Breast Cancer and Cycle for Survival, leading warm ups and events raising money and getting people involved. Sarah is also a single mom of a 7 year old daughter. After spending much time in her classroom over the years, she is determined to develop a non-profit Active, Healthy Heart and Mind project bringing people into schools for presentations and events for children and teens. She has most recently become a National Brand Ambassador for New Balance.

Sarah’s philosophy is to transform from the inside out. Living the lifestyle and being a role model. It’s not a temporary thing it’s a system and model to live by.

  • Testimonials

    Sarah kicks our ass while giving us the gift of her humor, earnestness and integrity. No one thinks through each class more, no one makes time go faster and no one gets us exercising smarter than Sarah.”
    –Lindsay Gardner


    See Sarah’s class schedule for the upcoming weeks at an Equinox fitness club in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, West Hollywood or other locations in Southern California. Want a challenging private workout session? Contact Sarah today.